Offshore Owners Meet Up-Pacific Northwest

Offshore Owners Meet Up-Pacific Northwest
| by Diane Kohlhaas

Offshore Owners Meet Up-Pacific Northwest

By: John Hackstadt

New relationships and fantastic memories were forged over three days in Desolation Sound. The “Meet Up” was a great success. 6 Offshore Yachts met at Toba Wilderness and then cruised to Prideaux Haven.

Our itinerary started with gathering at Toba Wilderness, a stunning marina at the entrance to Toba Inlet. Toba Wilderness isn’t a typical marina. It boasts high quality docks,  fresh water to fill your tanks, power and a gathering pavilion. There is no store, restaurant or boutique shop. It was wonderful. It is run by an intriguing couple who have built it up over the last 15 years from rickety docks to the first class facility it is today. They are the only staff and were wonderful hosts. Our time together will be remembered for being one of the rainiest days ever! About 4-5 inches of rain fell on our full day. That didn’t stop us from having a blast. A few of us tackled the rewarding hike to the nearby waterfall that supplies the fresh water for the docks.


As the rain continued into the evening the planned “Northern L’attitudes Luau” began. The hand crafted Pavilion (all peg construction) was the perfect Polynesian party place. The Mai Tais flowed, the food was delicious and we were dry and comfortable. It was potluck style. Everyone contributed to our feast. There was clear consensus that Bob and Kim from Kama Hele’s homemade macaroni and cheese was the unexpected “hit” on such a rainy day. It was Bob’s Mom’s secret recipe. Under the pavilion there are some comfortable couches with a couple of fire pits. We gathered there after dinner and talked and laughed until late.


The next day it was as if someone turned off a faucet. The rain stopped! We had an easy 12 mile cruise from Toba to Prideaux Haven. Before leaving we said goodbye to Mike and Joanne from Iola na Mara. They had commitments a little farther north. Underway, the previous day’s rain gifted us with a glorious display of waterfalls, some dropping directly into the water.

It may be called Desolation Sound, but on August 2-3 Prideaux Haven was far from desolate. It is a Canadian holiday weekend and for the last 9 years it has been the venue for a unique concert. Robin Landry has been performing with a band on the back of a yacht in the middle of this gorgeous anchorage. Robin and her husband Tom are new to the Offshore Family recently taking delivery of Midnight Sun. When we heard about this event, our itinerary was chosen because we wanted to be at this concert. It was so cool.  There were over a 1000 people rafted up in dinghies, paddle boards, for an unforgettable 2 hour performance. (Thank you Robin for leading the raucous crowd in singing Happy Birthday for my daughter Emily. That was an unforgettable way to turn 14)


Prideaux Haven is a collection of bays and coves that combine to make a cruising destination. The water is warm! Yes warm. We enjoyed swimming and jumping off the boats. We were able to raft with Tradition and Tonic in Laura Cove. Brian and Steve on Tonic went in first and got a good anchor set and stern tie. Steve and Janette (and Peaches the dog) on Flying Colours began in Laura Cove as well. Randy and Char hosted a happy hour on Tradition. Flying Colours ended moving to Prideaux for a better hold on the anchoring.

As we each went our separate ways, I received reports of the new friends meeting up on later days in different anchorages. It was a privilege for our family to spend time with some genuine, interesting and fun people in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Can’t wait for the next one.