Offshore Rendezvous 2018 Ocean Reef, Florida

Offshore Rendezvous 2018 Ocean Reef, Florida
| by Diane Kohlhaas

Our East Coast Offshore Rendezvous 2018 was a great success.  A great time was had by all and the Ocean Reef Club located in Key Largo, Florida set the stage for a fantastic rendezvous.  The recipe for a fantastic rendezvous is a beautiful destination, perfect weather, fabulous food, impeccable service and of course our wonderful Offshore Owners!!!!! This was our first opportunity to gather our East Coast Offshore Owner’s together for a Rendezvous. Based on all the fun, the new friendships forged, the continuous laughter, the shared stories, and more = You would have thought we were all old friends.  This Rendezvous was another wonderful Offshore event and validated once again that our Offshore Owner’s are truly a great group of people.


Our Welcome Reception was on “The Point” …a stunning one-of-a-kind location!!!




The next day, after our  Breakfast Meeting, we had a “Boat Open House” and a chance for our Offshore Owner’s to show-off their beautiful boats, their boat configurations, personalized touches and share stories.


…a fun coincidence…Two of our Offshore Owner’s unbeknownst to each other have the same boat name “Just Us” and to their surprise the dock master put them next to each other.


Many of our Offshore Owner’s did not miss an opportunity to wrangle our Service Manager – Rojo and pick his brain for his 30+ years Offshore experience and problem solving on Offshore Yachts.


The Table is set for our final evening at Ocean Reef Club!!

The Rendezvous continues to build new friendships, share more stories and lots more laughter.  Simply a terrific evening!!!


Here is a collections of a some photos taken in and around the Ocean Reef Club.


Thank you to all our Offshore Owner’s who attended this year’s East Coast Offshore Rendezvous.  We are certainly looking forward to the 2019 Rendezvous and seeing you all again!!!  And we hope that many more of our East Coast Offshore Owner’s that were not able to come this year will be able to join us in 2019 too!!!